Community work placement initiative

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What is Tús

The Tús initiative is a community work placement scheme providing short-term working opportunities for unemployed people.  The work opportunities are to benefit the community and are provided by community and voluntary organisations in both urban and rural areas.

The Tús initiative is managed by local development companies and Údarás na Gaeltachta for the Department of Social Protection (DSP), which has overall responsibility for the scheme.


To be eligible to participate in the Tús scheme you must:

  • Have been continuously unemployed for at least 12 months and “signing on” on a full-time basis; and 
  • Have been receiving a jobseeker’s payment (Jobseeker’s Benefit or Jobseeker’s Allowance) from the Department of Social Protection for at least 12 months; and 
  • Be currently receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA).
  • Persons in receipt of Disability Allowance, Invalidity Pension or the Blind Persons Pension.
Note:  If you are getting JA and have break (s) of up to 30 days in your jobseekers record over the last 12 months, you will still be eligible for Tús.

What are the rates of pay?
If your Jobseeker’s Allowance payment exceeds €208.00 per week, you will receive a payment equivalent to you Jobseeker’s Allowance plus €22.50 per week.
If your Jobseeker’s Allowance is less than €208.00 per week you will receive a minimum payment of €230.50 per week.

Will Fuel Allowance continue to be paid while I am on Tús?
Yes, Fuel Allowance will be paid to those who had established an entitlement to the allowance prior to commencing on Tús. 

Am I entitled to retain the Medical Card and other secondary benefits?
You will continue to be entitled to secondary benefits if you are in receipt of them before you start the work placement as long as you continue to meet the qualifying conditions.

Examples of Work Available

Environmental / Outdoor Role;
Tidy Towns Groups, Football and Rugby Clubs, Residential Estates etc

Administration Role;
Office based administration work, Reception, Front of House, Telephone Support etc

Retail Role;
All Charity Shops i.e.; SVP, NCBI, Let’s Talk Mental Health, Women’s Aid, Simon Community etc

Cleaning Role;
Indoor cleaning roles in Community Centre & Halls, Sports Clubs etc

Caretaking Role;
Key Holder, General Maintenance, Room Set up in advance of meetings, classes, functions etc

Kitchen Role;
Preparation & Cooking of meals in Simon Community

For more info on this programme please contact
Anne Clarke